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Malverne Project

More often than not, we are called back (sometimes many years later as in this case) from previous clients to have our team roll up their sleeves and transform even more spaces.  

For our Malverne project part 2, we completely updated a powder room on the first floor, changed exterior doors/storm doors, added a butler door in the basement entryway, rebuilt the stairs, and converted a completely unfinished basement in a warm and cozy space.  Literally warm and cozy as we added radiant floors!  Radiant floors are not only energy efficient since heat naturally rises, but they just plain feel luxurious!  The drop ceiling chosen by the client is the nicest we've seen.. we were all really pleased with the outcome.  Recessed lights combined with track lighting turned the dark and gloomy to warm and inviting.  We custom built under stair storage and doors to maximize the space.  Pipes and wiring disappeared into soffits.  Bare metal posts were transformed into nicely painted and base moulded columns.  The previously unused basement is now super comfortable and inviting.  


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