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Jackson Heights Project

Our Jackson Heights reno this summer was a fun project for us as our clients brought with them a vision to transform this original 1915 apartment to a bright and inviting home. Some of the challenges we faced included the fact that it was a 5th floor walk-up with no elevator!  We kept in shape bringing building materials up and down- this was done midsummer with no AC until the project was complete!  The amazing food in the area was worth it though.  I believe Jackson Heights is one of the most diverse places and the delicious food options reflect that.  One of our clients' requests was to create a 2nd entrance to the kitchen- this would provide a direct path to the dining room.  The does reduce cabinet space but the solution was to incorporate floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. You never know what you find in buildings this old upon demo.  Hiding behind the original fridge, we discovered original hand operated dumbwaiter.  When that wall was opened some more, we found tha

Malverne Project

More often than not, we are called back (sometimes many years later as in this case) from previous clients to have our team roll up their sleeves and transform even more spaces.   For our Malverne project part 2, we completely updated a powder room on the first floor, changed exterior doors/storm doors, added a butler door in the basement entryway, rebuilt the stairs, and converted a completely unfinished basement in a warm and cozy space.  Literally warm and cozy as we added radiant floors!  Radiant floors are not only energy efficient since heat naturally rises, but they just plain feel luxurious!  The drop ceiling chosen by the client is the nicest we've seen.. we were all really pleased with the outcome.  Recessed lights combined with track lighting turned the dark and gloomy to warm and inviting.  We custom built under stair storage and doors to maximize the space.  Pipes and wiring disappeared into soffits.  Bare metal posts were transformed into nicely painted and base

Edison Project

Our team doesn't normally venture outside of the 5 boroughs or Long Island, but we made an exception for a repeat client.  We enjoyed working with her so much on an Upper East Side apartment, we were willing to make the daily 2 hour commute twice a day to update her soon to be home in the suburbs.  It helped that this was during the summer when school was out and traffic was lighter than normal! Our team remodeled two of the upstairs bathrooms, and we replaced the spec home generic white kitchen flooring with a beautiful grey tile and added a backsplash which really changed the look and feel of the main gathering place.  The addition of crown moulding in the main areas on both the first and second floors added an element of architectural detail and distinction.   The hexagon tile install in the guest bathroom is my personal favorite- they are becoming more common and I love the look! Enjoy your new home Grace and Steve!   -Dan floating double vanity

Beekman Street Project

Our Beekman St project is our 5th consecutive project at the South Bridge Towers complex adjacent to South Street Seaport.  Many of these apartments were in original condition from the 1960's.  The complex has been slowly transitioning from original occupants to younger couples and families.  This particular unit was a 1 bedroom gut reno with amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge facing uptown. The original popcorn ceilings have been plastered over and smoothed for a modern look.  This is a multiple layer process that was done while the renovation was progressing.  We also removed all of the original full height bi-fold doors which were not functioning properly which we see all too often.  The closets were entirely rebuilt to accommodate standard hinged doors which are much more reliable over the long run.  Our team was able to ensure all of the clients' priorities were met on budget.  The focus was on more premium material selections for the kitchen and bathroom.  While the

Fort Greene, Brooklyn

We recently wrapped up our Fort Greene project in the beautiful Forte building with panoramic views from both the apartment and even more stunning views on the rooftop deck.  Although the building is only 10 years old, our clients wanted to update the kitchen and master bath in this 2 bedroom condo to make them their own.  The renovation was a 3 week project from start to finish, and the owners are super excited to move in. As we were tiling the shower, the owners made a quick decision to tile the rest of the walls pure white to brighten the space.  The gold kitchen faucet took slightly more time to obtain but it was worth the wait.  Fresh paint throughout was the finishing touch.

About us

We are a family run business that has been renovating for over 20 years.  Our passion is to work closely with our clients to turn their dreams into reality.  Michael, Jenny, and Dan work together as a team along with our skilled craftsman and tradesmen to ensure our clients create the home of their dreams. Careers and Family Michael started in home improvement by working on our own personal homes and investment properties out of necessity. Michael decided to take advantage of his problem solving skills and offer handyman work locally.  This eventually developed into a full blown home improvement business over time with Jenny contributing her business and accounting skills along with a talented team of craftsmen performing the work.  Michael has an electrical engineering background, starting his career early on repairing cash registers for NCR many years ago.  Jenny applied her MBA running her own import business  Dan graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree and worked for 16