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Jackson Heights Project

Our Jackson Heights reno this summer was a fun project for us as our clients brought with them a vision to transform this original 1915 apartment to a bright and inviting home.

Some of the challenges we faced included the fact that it was a 5th floor walk-up with no elevator!  We kept in shape bringing building materials up and down- this was done midsummer with no AC until the project was complete!  The amazing food in the area was worth it though.  I believe Jackson Heights is one of the most diverse places and the delicious food options reflect that. 

One of our clients' requests was to create a 2nd entrance to the kitchen- this would provide a direct path to the dining room.  The does reduce cabinet space but the solution was to incorporate floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets.

You never know what you find in buildings this old upon demo.  Hiding behind the original fridge, we discovered original hand operated dumbwaiter.  When that wall was opened some more, we found that it was actually a false wall and the dumbwaiter door was actually even larger than it first appeared.  You can see the upper half in the cream color 2 pics below:

hidden dumbwaiter door

First layer of wall removed
view to kitchen from dining room

After the 2nd entryway opened and walls straightened out, we proceeded to install a beautiful porcelain tile (Cera Encaustic tile) supplied by our partner TE Tile:

Fast forward to the completed kitchen:

5 burner slide in range with hood

floating shelves by semihandmade

plenty of storage
Our team worked closely with our clients to maximize the limited space.. floor to ceiling cabinets afford extra storage in otherwise unused space.  The open shelves from retain function while keeping the space open and bright.  Not only were able to add in a compact Bosch dishwasher, but extra helpful was the stacked washer/dryer to save the trip from using the common laundry 5 flights down in the basement.  

Here are some shots of other areas of the apartment.  We repaired the walls/floors/ceilings, painted, refinished the original flooring, and updated the bathroom.  Interestingly enough, the original bathroom tiles were pink, but a low budget trick was to have the tiles and original tub refreshed by a specialist using an airsprayer!  An Ikea bathroom vanity and mirror, updated light fixtures, and splash of color made it feel 100% better.  

The final outcome really speaks for itself, this project was awesome!


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